Pictures around Springbank Farm


We love blueberries, so of course we love blueberry wine. People have been enjoying our homemade blueberry wine for years, so now we think it’s time to notch up our production just a bit and follow the advice of the many friends who’ve encouraged us to make our blueberry wine more widely available.

Though there is much work to be done before we open a tasting room and start selling our wine, the planning is well underway. In 2007 we obtained a USDA Value Added Producer Grant that helped us fund the development of a business plan and feasibility study, and we will be applying for a USDA Working Capital grant in the near future, which will help fund production of our first commercial batch.

Many thanks to the various parties helping us with this project. Blueberry wine coming your way soon! We’ll provide updates here as the project develops!

Springbank Farm