About Springbank Farm

About Springbank Farm

Springbank Farm is a 12-acre organic blueberry operation owned and operated by Brian and Michelle O’Driscoll, situated through a family partnership on the grounds of O/D Riverside Ranch, owned by Paul and Phyllis O’Driscoll since the early 1970’s, and officially founded by the John Reed family in 1912. Our current principle crop is organic blueberries we offer u-pick and picked blueberries to the public from our farm and at PSU, King and Hollywood Farmers’ Markets in Portland and deliver to numerous retailers, and institutions.  We also sell blueberry wine and shrub (drinking vinegars)

We have three children and mostly enjoy participating with them in the journey that is life on the farm.

We hire a nice mix of everyone and a lot of youth during harvest.  See our Jobs Tab for more info.

Located just two miles east of the city limits of Lebanon, Oregon, the farm enjoys the beauty and seclusion provided by the bordering waters of the South Santiam River and Hamilton Creek. The property features panoramic views, forests, wildlife, diverse tree and plant life.

Farm Camp

Farm Camp…so near and dear to our hearts, but we are taking a respite, as farm life is too full at the moment.


Reed School and Historic Barn

A central and inspiring feature on the farm is an 8,400 square foot, 1912 timber-framed barn, built with hand-hewn and milled timber from the property, situated within a few hundred feet of Berlin Road and on the banks of Hamilton Creek. The name Springbank Farm still adorns the red barn in faded white letters, readable to passers-by on Berlin Road, just past the main driveway to the farm. We adopted this name for our farm out of our sense of connection with the farm’s history.