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Nuestra finca organica esta preparando nuestro lista de gente, familias enteros si quieren, para la cosecha de blueberries (arandanos )que empieza en los fines de Junio hasta Agosto. Pagamos de .50-.90 por libra.

Why Youth Harvest? For so many reasons, but the primary is to do our part to set the pace for a future of citizens with a strong work ethic, a connection to the land and their community.  We want the young culture here to take pride in their rural roots and to understand the value that life of the farm can bring them and their framework for their own vision of the future.  We pay .50-.90 cents per pound which for us translates into the amazing lesson of getting back the effort you put in.

We’re eternally grateful to Brian’s parents, Paul and Phyllis O’Driscoll, for having the vision back in the late ‘60’s to abandon a suburban cul-de-sac for the great agrarian adventure.  It was always part of their mission to offer the gifts of grit and problem solving to their children and many other kids who worked on the farm in years past. We are doing our part to keep that tradition going.